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Petition "One Country Two Systems is Dead"
Petition "One Country Two Systems is Dead"
15 Sept 2019, 12:00 – 17:05 GMT+8
British Consulate General Hong Kong,
1 Supreme Ct Rd, Admiralty, Hong Kong

We, as British Nationals, urge Her Majesty's Government to:

  1. Take immediate actions on China’s not honouring the Sino-British Joint Declaration

  2. Take all necessary measures to fulfil their obligations, particularly to ensure the safety of British Nationals in Hong Kong



The personal safety of Hong Kong people along with the British Nationals in Hong Kong is not protected. With the overpowered Hong Kong police in place and many more rights-violating laws being proposed, we are facing life-threatening situations daily.


The Sino-British Joint Declaration is in a material breach of the Chinese government. The Chinese government has been, especially in these recent months, undermining our autonomy and basic human rights. The extradition law outrageously trespass on our established legislative system. Today’s main rally out there proposed by Civil Human Rights Front, together with many rally proposals last month, were rejected by the Police Force, who all the more suppress our once-enjoyed freedom of assembly. These cold facts all point to a material breach of the Chinese government into the Joint Declaration, on which the legitimacy of governance and legislation are grounded.


"Earlier on Sunday, hundreds of pro-democracy protesters had gathered outside the British consulate in Hong Kong chanting “we will not surrender” as they called on the UK to come to the aid of the former British colony, handed over to Chinese control in 1997."

- The Guardian 

"But the protesters outside the British Consulate shouted "One country, two systems is dead" and "Free Hong Kong".

Some campaigners also want the UK to change the status of its British National (Overseas) passport, issued to Hong Kong residents before the 1997 handover."



“Sino-British Joint Declaration is VOID,” one placard read in the protest outside the British Consulate." 

- Reuters

"Hundreds of demonstrators sang "God Save the Queen" and "Rule Britannia" outside the consulate, waving the Union Jack as well as Hong Kong's colonial-era flags."

- SBS Australia

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