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Following the movement of the Anti-ELAB campaign and UK matters, Britons in Hong Kong has been busy on organising event and raising issues about Hong Kong and BN(O). Correspondents, speech and petition letters etc. has been collected in this sector.

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"Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters chant 'God Save the Queen' and 'We are British' while forming a human chain around the British Consulate - as the Lords prepares to debate granting UK citizenship to residents of the former colony"

- Daily Mail UK

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UK Life Guide | 英國日常生活指南

衣食住行,工作讀書 (牌子名後面括住嘅係香港類似嘅舖頭) 衣: (平到癲)Primark 食: Tesco(惠康、百佳) Sainsbury's(Taste)...

Statement on Sept 1st "BNO is British" Petition

It’s great to be here, standing by the largest British Consulate building in the world, reading the declaration facing my fellow Britons....

Petitions letter on 1st of September

An Open Letter from Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Holders and Citizens of U.K. and Colonies to the British Government Demanding...

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