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Petition "BN(O) is British"
Petition "BN(O) is British"
01 Sept 2019, 14:00 – 15:00 GMT+8
British Consulate General Hong Kong,
1 Supreme Ct Rd, Admiralty, Hong Kong

We, as British Nationals, urge Her Majesty's Government to:

1. Recognise China's breach of Sino-British Joint Declaration
2. To grant full citizenship to British National (Overseas)



"It’s time to right the wrong. 


For all those reasons, I thereby, represent my fellow British Nationals present here today, declare the Sino-British Joint Declaration has been voided by China. We urge the British government to react accordingly and take immediate action to protect the British Nationals in Hong Kong by any - means - necessary. On behalf of the Britons here, we urge the government to grant full British citizenship for British Nationals. 


Who are we? We are British! We will keep fighting for our rights until justice comes. We will not stop until all British Nationals in Hong Kong are safe. "


"About 300 activists on Sunday rallied outside the British consulate to demand they receive a full UK passport in place of their “second-class” British National (Overseas) passports, a document issued to Hong Kong residents born before the handover of the territory from UK to Chinese sovereignty in 1997." 

- Financial Times


"Some also chanted, “Make Hong Kong British again!” and “We love British, we are British, equal rights for BNO!” demanding the right to live and work in the UK for holders of the British National Overseas passport." 

- The Telegraph

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