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Flag and Human Chain
Flag and Human Chain
23 Oct 2019, 19:30 GMT+8 – 24 Oct 2019, 00:35 GMT+8
British Consulate General Hong Kong,
1 Supreme Ct Rd, Admiralty, Hong Kong

We, as British Nationals, expressed our gratitude to Lord Alton of Liverpool, for initiating the debate in the House of Lords regarding “Recent political unrest in Hong Kong and calls to offer residents of Hong Kong citizenship in another country”.


Also, we urged Her Majesty's Government to uphold the Joint Declaration and take immediate action to protect Hong Kong people and British Nationals (Overseas).



“One country, two systems” will expire officially in 2047. The past 22 years have proven that Chinese Communist Party pays no respect to the freedom, democracy and human rights in Hong Kong. The young and daring Hongkongers need an assurance before Hong Kong becomes another Xinjiang.


Therefore, we would also like to urge the Parliament to consider various other measures to protect us, including but not limited to a British version of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, a British Magnitsky Act, as well as sanctions against government officials, members of the Hong Kong Police Force and other political figures who have violated the human rights in Hong Kong.


"They sang "God Save the Queen," then formed a line in front of the consulate and along nearby streets, waving Union Jack flags and chanting "Fight for freedom, save Hong Kong" and "We are British.""

- Associated Press


"The event was organised in support of a debate on Thursday in Britain's Parliament on whether to offer British citizenship to Hong Kongers in light of the unrest that has gripped the city since early June."

- Independent

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