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Statement on Sept 1st "BNO is British" Petition

It’s great to be here, standing by the largest British Consulate building in the world, reading the declaration facing my fellow Britons. I’d like to thank the press for being here. Welcome to our gathering, ladies and gentlemen. At last, we have the strength to unite together.

Respecting the rule of law and the result of the referendum, our country will leave the European Union on the 31st of October. As concerned British Nationals, we are confident that Great Britain will continue to thrive.

Who are we? [We are British!]

Since the handover to China in 1997, freedom and autonomy promised by the Sino-British Joint Declaration has been rapidly deteriorating: disqualification of candidates from the Hong Kong Autonomous Camp; political asylum seeker Mr. Ray Wong (who’s a fellow British National like most of us here) claiming asylum in Germany a year ago... in 2015, Mr. Paul Lee’s disappeared at his own bookshop in Causeway Bay. The United Kingdom government showed ‘deep concerns’ over the affair. However, British Nationals’ safety in Hong Kong only got WORSE over the past few years. Our beloved Mrs. Wong, who waved the Union Jack Flag fearlessly in the frontlines throughout this saga, was last seen on the 13/8, after the Tai Koo protest. We could only pray for her safety.

A reporter once said, when Hong Kong was ruled by the United Kingdom, he only needed to put on a suit and tie; when ruled by China, however, he has to wear a gas mask and a helmet to protect himself. I think that says a lot.

Yesterday was the Liberation Day and we never celebrated that at school. The Chinese regime wants us to forget the bravery of the Canadian and British soldiers dying to defend Hong Kong in the Second World War. It was never mentioned in books at schools. Being British Nationals, we rightfully deserve to know that part of the history as this is in our blood. We are grateful for their service and [honoured] to be under their wings.

Recently, Hong Kong sustained the anti-extradition movement, which later developed to include broader cries for democracy and freedom. The Hong Kong Government failed to listen to the demands supported by many millions of demonstrators over the months. Not only the officials ignored the people, they escalated the situation into a dire [humanitarian crisis]. Police attack journalists and first-aiders alike and stop medical staff from aiding injured protesters. Public hospitals are searched by police that protesters avoid visiting for necessary consultations. Police dehumanise protesters by describing them as cockroaches. Conspiracies between police and triads associated with Beijing, the use of excessive force and to illegally tortures detainees in their detention facilities are but some of the many crimes. Meanwhile Hong Kong is loomed by white terror in many ways, including mutual monitoring of opposing voices and laying off employees who support the movement. Police went on to arrest the members of opposition parties and organisations, as well as legislators and officials. It has been proven that the Sino-British Joint Declaration has been completely neglected, along with the Basic Law. It has reached to a point that we need to stand here today to voice our opinions out loud to the United Kingdom. The affair in Hong Kong must be taken seriously in the UK.

Chinese authorities said the Sino-British Joint Declaration was merely a historical document, and later described it as ‘expired and void’. [The accusation of Great Britain breaching the Sino-British Joint Declaration was [absolutely ridiculous]. Great Britain as one of the signatories of this treaty has the authority in expressing their concerns if the Sino-British Joint Declaration is being challenged, whether by other countries, or another signatory of this treaty. The China’s disregard of the Sino-British Joint Declaration is blatantly violating an international contract, which lacks integrity and Chinese Communist Party should be regarded as untrustworthy. What the Chinese Communist Party did was an attempt to undermine the role of Great Britain in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and also the role of the United Kingdom in an international sense. We believe the United Kingdom government would respond to this accusation fairly and publicly.

Recently, a demonstrator, who’s also a British National was arrested. As of now, we have no detailed information on the arrest. We, however, are deeply concerned about her safety, as there are numerous cases of the arrested being severely hurt under the custody of the Hong Kong Police. The British’s lives are being alarmingly threatened in Hong Kong now and the BN(O) holders cannot request consular protections in Hong Kong, as we are being identified as Chinese by China. Yesterday at night, Hong Kong Police, in a replica of 21 July Yuen Long incident, all the more attacked innocent passengers in the metro station indistinguishably using batons, pepper sprays and CS gas/water. Under this humanitarian crisis, today, we’re here to [defend] our freedom, to [defend] our rights, and to defend our children’s future as British Nationals. We are proud to be British and we’re not afraid to announce it even the Chinese government is trying to censor, arrest, and torture us.

The Hong Kong Police oppresses us regarding this peaceful gathering today as a means to suppress our freedom of assembly. They are trying to strip away our fundamental human rights. We have nowhere to turn to...... but our home country.

It’s time to right the wrong.

For all those reasons, I thereby, represent my fellow British Nationals present here today, declare the Sino-British Joint Declaration has voided by China. We urge the British government to react accordingly and take immediate action to protect the British Nationals in Hong Kong by any - means - necessary. On behalf of the Britons here, we urge the government to grant full British citizenship for British Nationals.

Who are we? [We are British!]

We will keep fighting for our rights until justice comes. We will not stop until all British Nationals in Hong Kong are safe.

[Chant slogan]

[Equal rights for BNO now] x 3

[Stand up for BNO now] x 3

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