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Press release on Nov 10th "Lest We Forget" Lennon Wall event

Remembrance Sunday - Lennon Wall outside British Consulate-General pays tribute to fallen heroes

For immediate release

Hong Kong - 10 November, 2019 -

Following the human chain event held on 23 October that called for British and international support to Hong Kong’s fight for freedom, Britons in Hong Kong (BHK) attended the Royal British Legion for the Remembrance Ceremony earlier today at the Cenotaph in Central. The Union Jack and Hong Kong Flag Teams were present to bring visibility to this important chapter in Hong Kong’s history. BHK handed out self-made poppy flowers and stickers to those in attendance in the hope that more people can learn of the historical significance behind the poppy flower and Remembrance Day.

Setting up the Lennon Wall To honour and remember the brave men and women who fought for Hong Kong, BHK set up a Lennon Wall with the theme “Poppies & Remembrance” at the British Consulate-General. BHK was granted an area on the wall to show respect to the fallen heroes who died in both World Wars. Like in BHK’s past events, the British Consulate-General has been gracious in giving permission for BHK to create this wall on this momentous day, showing solidarity to Britons living in Hong Kong and Hong Kongers during a difficult time. Two A0 sized posters have been posted in remembrance of the brave soldiers who sacrificed for Hong Kong, including John Robert Osborn, who sacrificed his life to save his fellows in the battle of Hong Kong. Sticky notes and poppy stickers were provided for people to write down their thoughts for the glorious dead. The notes also included messages gathered on Telegram from those who could not attend in person. There were also informative posters about the tradition of Remembrance Day and the origin of the poppy flower. Repicturing the forgotten history John R. Osborn, the brave Canadian soldier who was honoured in the middle of the wall, fought valiantly and gave his life defending Hong Kong on 19 December 1941 on Mount Butler. His sacrifice, along with countless others, would never be forgotten.

As a final polish to the wall, attendees added self-made poppy flower rings to the posters and filled them with more poppy stickers. The hand-written messages showed gratitude to the fallen veterans in the Wars, quotes of Sir Winston Churchill, remembrance of Hong Kong protesters who were sacrificed recently during the protests, and the call for Britain to protect Hong Kong The peaceful yet solemn event lasted for around 2 hours and ended at 2 pm.

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