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Press release on Oct 23rd Flags and Human Chain event

For Immediate Release

An activity of forming Human chain with Union Flags in front of British Consulate-General was held on 23rd October in support of Lord Alton’s debate regarding Hong Kong and second citizenship for Hongkongers in commonwealth nations.

Last night (23rd Oct), nearly two thousand people gathered in front of the British Consulate-General Hong Kong to form a human chain by holding hands with a wave of Union Jack Flags, voicing out their support to the mentioned debate initiated by Lord Alton in House of Lords on the topic of “Recent political unrest in Hong Kong and calls to offer residents of Hong Kong citizenship in another country“, and to call for UK support to the current Hong Kong situation.

Before the chain forms, an opening speech was given to express the gratitude of the participants to Lord Alton and all concerned Lords and MPs who support Hong Kong democratic movement and rights for British Nationals (Overseas). The human chain, according to the participants, was to show two messages: firstly, the number of people who support the upcoming debate; secondly, and as symbolism to show our linkage to the UK. As Lord Alton said earlier, the symbolism of a human chain is well-chosen as Hong Kong and UK are both parts of the chain that links history, families, commerce, culture, liberty and freedom. “We will not break a chain which binds us together and we will not willingly let the chain of free peoples be replaced by the shackles. In its hour of need, millions in the free world stand with the free people of Hong Kong.”

At 7:30 pm, participants formed the human chain by holding hands, singing God Save the Queen and Glory to Hong Kong. They chanted slogans to call for support for the democratic movement and rights for Hongkong people. People kept coming from Admiralty and Central holding their handmade signs and slogans to join the human chain. The chain was formed from the east of British Consulate to the High Court on the west, surrounding the consulate and nearby buildings. It was estimated to be more than 1km long. Participants lit the street with their phones and iPads, with the sea of Union Jacks and Hong Kong Flags* waving above.

During the event, a group of people waving with Union Jacks marched on the street along the human chain. They chanted slogan to call for UK government to take action. Many participants of the chain cheered for the flag team while they passed by. The Human Chain lasted until 8:30. The organisers played the national anthem “God Save the Queen” and “Glory to Hong Kong” then announced the end of the activity and people dismissed peacefully while chanting slogans.

Britons in Hong Kong urges the Parliament and HM Government to uphold the Joint Declaration and take immediate action to protect Hong Kong people and British Nationals (Overseas), as the UK has a responsibility to Hong Kong and also her subjects. With the Chinese regime trampling on the values of Hong Kong, creating White Terror to silence its people the UK must act to stand with Hong Kong, its people and the universal values.

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