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Statement on Oct 1st "Not My National Day" Petition

The Chinese nationality has been imposed on us against our will since the handover in 1997. The Communist China has been imposing Chinese nationality on anyone they consider "ethnic Chinese" over the years. Chinese nationality to everyone in the world, as defined by their law. However, our loyalty is pledged to the UK but not to the Communist China. We are here to declare that no matter how CCP denies the nationality of British National (Overseas), it cannot change the fact that we are British Nationals and we are not going to kowtow to the Communist China. We stand here to say “Today is not our National Day”. As British, we celebrate on the day of Her Majesty's official birthday.

We embrace British core values, culture and environment and that’s what makes us British. We care about Britain and its future because this is our country. Today, we are desperate about the 70th anniversary of a totalitarian regime which now expands into a fierce world power. The reeking palms of CCP is destroying all the essential assets and heritage that UK left to us.

We hereby urge Britain to refrain from cowardice and step up the actions on British Nationals in Hong Kong. Sino-British Joint Declaration is VOID. “One country, two systems” is DEAD. These are two facts that UK government should not wilfully ignore.

We also would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the 23 MPs from participating in, especially for Catherine West MP raising the Urgent Question on Hong Kong to the Foreign Secretary. Thank you for raising concerns about BN(O) and Hong Kong. Your concerted support encourages us and lights our hope.

Sadly, the response from Dominic Raab the Foreign Secretary is rather ruthless. Just after the urgent question, the Communist puppet Carrie Lam responded by saying One Country, Two Systems was not the same as autonomy for Hong Kong. Clearly the Foreign Secretary is under the illusion that China will respect the treaty as if it’s a sane regime.

In a recent tweet, Raab even condemned the use of violence by the protesters, regardless the fascist speech and approach of the Hong Kong Police, including the British police officers Rupert Dover, David Jordan and Vasco Williams. They keep putting Hong Kong into grave humanitarian crisis in endless brutality. They dehumanise protesters as “cockroach” and “object” but the UK government only went soft on them.

British government did not take any concrete actions to save British Nationals from such imminent danger in Hong Kong. She regards her nationals as merely a terms in the compromised package of Joint Declaration and left her nationals to their own device. British government condones the evil totalitarian Chinese government and intentionally ignores Chinese breach on the Joint Declaration.

It is ungrounded and ridiculous for Raab to frame the sovereign decision of UK as a harm to the Chinese regime. Some Chinese Communist officials were granted British citizenship after the Tiananmen Massacre. Citizenship is a rightful domestic business of Home Office. Such undermining of British domestic autonomy and buttering up of CCP is completely appalling.

The UK has signed but never ratified Protocol 4 of The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) which says “No one shall be expelled from his country or deprived the right to enter into his country.” The restriction of movement for British Nationals in Hong Kong therefore a violation of human rights. It is internationally unacceptable that Britain has deliberately ignored a protocol and violate human rights.

While the United States and Germany, not being a signatory of the Joint Declaration, have taken fierce measures to protect and support Hong Kong, the UK can’t even protect its own nationals. It only expects CCP to follow the rules. This reminds us of Chamberlain asking Nazi Germany to respect the sovereignty of Poland. Britain now fails Hong Kong and falls behind the global war against communist China.

The Sino-British Joint Declaration is obviously voided by China. Hence, we would like to urge the UK government to: 1.Take action according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. 2.Take action in United Nations

3. Prioritise humanitarian crisis of Hong Kong on top of its political and economic deals with China

Also, we would like to encourage the members of the House to: 1. Review whether the Sino-British Joint Declaration is still applicable to the current Hong Kong situation

2. Support equal rights for BN(O) and engage in the upcoming debate on BN(O) by Steve Double

[chant slogan] 1.Thank you MPs 2.Safeguard Human Right 3.Do not leave us behind

Thank you all!

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