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Statement on Oct 23rd Flags and Human Chain event

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends from the press and friends of the world,

Thank you for joining us this evening despite of the short notice.

Tonight we are gathering outside the British Consulate again to convey our appeals and urgent calls for help, especially in support of tomorrow’s debate in the House of Lords regarding “Recent political unrest in Hong Kong and calls to offer residents of Hong Kong citizenship in another country”.

We would like to express our gratitude to Lord Alton of Liverpool, for initiating the debate. He has encouraged us that “The symbolism of a human chain could not be better chosen. Hong Kong and the UK are both part of a chain whose links are history, families, commerce, culture, liberty, and freedom. We will not break a chain which binds us together and we will not willingly let the chain of free peoples be replaced by the shackles. In its hour of need millions in the free world stand with the free people of Hong Kong. ” We would also like to thank all Lords and MPs who support Hong Kong in this dark age.

In the past four months, we have experienced the longest unrest in Hong Kong since the handover. We witnessed how the HKSAR government fell into a tyranny. We were betrayed by the Hong Kong Police Force as they call our people cockroaches, fire live ammunition, and turn a blind eye to pro-Beijing thugs attacking the people. Personal safety is no longer guaranteed in Hong Kong.

Obviously the freedom of speech, of assembly, of press, and of religion, and also the rule of law, are all endangered in our beloved city. All these fundamental freedoms and human rights are not only promised in the Basic Law of Hong Kong, but also in the Sino-British Joint Declaration that was signed in 1984. Tonight, we would like to appeal to the British Parliament and also Her Majesty’s Government.

We would like to firstly emphasise that the terms in the Joint Declaration do not only guarantee the freedom and human rights of the BNOs, but also every single HongKonger. Therefore, we are grateful that His Lordship Lord Alton is going to bring up the discussion about residents of Hong Kong in House of Lords - and this does not only concern the future of BN(O)s.

As the situation in Hong Kong rapidly deteriorated since June, the Chinese government’s breach of the Joint Declaration has become a new order. It reminds us that China has actually claimed, since five years ago, this legally-binding international treaty is a “voided historical document”.

May we stress that, the United Kingdom, as one of the signatories of the Joint Declaration, it is legitimate for her to monitor whether China honours the promises. When China breaks the promises, the United Kingdom should fulfil her moral obligation to protect her former citizens overseas, whether they are BNOs or not. However, the United Kingdom has not taken any concrete action so far in response to China’s violation, thus we would like to urge Her Majesty’s Government to uphold the Joint Declaration and take immediate actions.

“One country, two systems” will expire officially in 2047. The past 22 years have proven that Chinese Communist Party pays no respect to the freedom, democracy and human rights in Hong Kong. The young and daring Hongkongers need an assurance before Hong Kong becomes another Xinjiang.

Therefore, we would also like to urge the Parliament to consider various other measures to protect us, including but not limited to a British version of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, a British Magnitsky Act, as well as sanctions against government officials, members of the Hong Kong Police Force and other political figures who have violated the human rights in Hong Kong.

The Chinese Communist regime is now trampling on our values, silencing our voices, and murdering our people. Therefore, we are crying for help from the United Kingdom.

Our fight is not only the fight for Hong Kong, but also for the fundamental values that we share with Britain, and with the globe.

May the world stand united to defend our homes and fight against the regime that threaten global safety. Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong. Thank you all for your solidarity.

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